Some West Seattle Neighbors Still, Secretly Think Amanda Knox Did It

Even after verdict, beliefs kept quiet because social pressure demands Knox is innocent

West Seattle-Still shocked by the acquittal, they whisper at the local library branch, nod to each other in line at the Morgan Junction Starbucks, and even occasionally email their true feelings to each other.  What is this secret society?  It’s not the Masons, Scientologists or even the wily Northwestern Republicans.

No, this fearful group is West Seattleites who still  think Amanda Knox did it.  By “it,” they are referring to the 2007 murder in Italy of which she was convicted and now acquitted. Knox was raised in West Seattle and the community has rallied around her claim of innocence with a fervor that straddles the militant/cult divide.

Resistance is Futile

But some in the community are not so sure and not so talkative about their doubt.  One resident who demanded anonymity told the Seattle Salmon, “It’s like a police state out here.  You have to go to the legal defense fundraisers – like six last month alone- or else you are ostracized at the Westcrest Off-leash area.”

Another said, “The groupthink is terrifying.  You step outside of it and you’re like the stupid Normal Seattleite who jaywalks through the all-way crosswalk at The Junction – you’re all alone and danger could come at you from any direction.  Plus they’d light your ass up on the West Seattle Blog. You’d have to move.”

Some thoughts are risky to even whisper in West Seattle

Completely Innocent…really?

Is it just the fact that she is from West Seattle that creates such a fervor?  Dr. Ursula Ordonez at Seattle University’s School of Psychology says yes and no.  “Of course, West Seattleites are a shifty bunch.  What are they hiding from out there?  But, there is a deeper matter.  They all know it could just as easily been one of their kids.  Seattle is full of over-lenient parents raising dangerously self-entitled millennials. The trouble really starts when we export our handmade train wrecks to undefended countries like Italy,where they know how to parent.”

Although none of the adults interviewed for this story could ever imagine a time when they would feel comfortable going public with their doubts, some are talking about forming a support group, anonymously and online.

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47 Comments for “Some West Seattle Neighbors Still, Secretly Think Amanda Knox Did It”

  1. Grace

    Folks around here think Peggy G—– did it.

  2. Mack

    These are the same sort of people who file false police reports about being stalked……too bad they are from west seattle…..but hey….when you live so close to luna park… are 1 step closer to the “luna” bin!

  3. Steve Shay

    I realize the above article is an attempt at humor, but, as the author of over 25 articles on the Knox case, and haven spoken on national TV twice on her ordeal, I can state with certainty that I have met West Seattle residents who believe Amanda is innocent, some who believe, unapologetically, that she is guilty, and still others who think she may have somehow been involved indirectly. The reality, however, is that the majority of West Seattle residents I meet take a mild interest in the trial’s latest developments and sympathize with the Knox family, but ultimately are so busy with their own lives they don’t have time to focus on the case and its nuances.

    From the Seattle Salmon Editor: You can’t be effin’ serious. You’re THE Steve Shay. OMG! I loved your work in the Seattle Weekly and am an admirer of your humorous/adult photography (very tasteful BTW). Pleasantries aside, I think your expert analysis of West Seattle opinions regarding the Knox case covers the full gamut of possible attitudes (including those that reside in the invisible light spectrum). That being said, I detect a melancholy note in your blog comment and I recognize your tune is a cry for help. Your “check out my article in the Seattle Weekly” pick up line isn’t getting you as much play as it used to at West Seattle Bowl and unless the Knox meal train builds up another solid head of steam, you’ll be throwing gutter balls for the foreseeable future. I have a solution! Come write for the Seattle Salmon! Or, submit some of your funny/adult photography (I’ve got some ideas rattling around already). Bon chance! ><{{{*>

    • Amanda McCartney

      I find it a little bit of a stretch of the imagination to call yourself the author of articles, you have merely regurgitated the line fed to you by the Knox/ Mellas contingent. A real journalist would at least visit the country where the crime was committed, he would have made sure that court transcripts were devoured if he was unable to attend personally and he would certainly be objective. You are none of the above and have made a bed for yourself where, internationally, you are a laughing stock among your peers. I sometimes wonder if this blinkered opinion is due to the fact that this case has drawn parallels for you and has made you realise that this was very nearly your family’s experience. Without extensive interviews and research it is difficult to give a concise opinion but all fingers point to Amanda being a psychopath.

      Editor: Ms. McCartney, you Ma’am have crossed the proverbial line. If there’s one thing we Seattleites (West or otherwise) can unite over, it’s our complete hatred of the snooty British. I understand that the British people have been psychically neutered and that the only courageous type action you (and all the British people) are capable of is being the last guy on top of a pig pile. However, this doesn’t stop some of “you people” from acting like you’re the Earl Fucking Kitchener. I realize some English people may take issue with this statement, and yes, Argentina is still smarting from the tongue lashing you gave them in the Falklands, but, the Seattle Salmon and the people of Seattle refuse to take shit from any limey suck ass!

    • Ambidextrous

      Oh, snap! (holding side, staggering away from computer)

    • WESTAL

      I have not met anyone in Seattle, with the exception of those consumed with Knox / KOMO / ABC PR machine, that actually believe she had nothing to do with the murder. The massive overcompensation to try to prove that she is just a sweet, naive young woman that just has a problem remembering things correctly, further proves that she is guilty.

      Just wait until the details are released from the last trial. Then we will see actual evidence and not the BS the Knox campaign spews out every week.

  4. pudd

    Please, it’s only Peggy G—– in the whole Seattle that thinks she’s guilty. Peggy is one insecure woman, with no life whatsoever. Get over it, Peggy. Move on. Leave your cats and dog, start living your own life and not the one of Amanda’s and her family. Let them save their daughter.

  5. Charlie

    Interesting story, but I’m afraid you don’t know the worst of it, my friend. There’s a lady in W. Seattle who actually has a nekkid picture of Mignini (the fat freak whose fantasy life turned a tragic event into an extended tragic circus) taped to the ceiling over her bathtub. She Skyped him to find out how hard his evidence is, and one thing led to another.

    I won’t tell you her name, but… I don’t have to, do I? W. Seattle isn’t really that big a place, nor is the Internet.

  6. I’m surprised that no one has accused me of actually writing this article, although maybe that’s what Grace was referring to. In addition, I want to make it clear that I am not the Lincoln Park butt sniffer; rumors to the contrary need to be sniffed in the butt right now. As for the naked photo of Mignini, Steve Shay gave it to me. He thought it was funny adult photography.

  7. – Come on people. Join the dark side.

  8. delight

    Please, Peggy, we all know how much you hate Amanda Knox and her parents. Everything you say is filled with hate, along with the others from your BIASED boards. Go away.

  9. K=Bot

    Hi. Peter Q——-’s I’m-a-total-sweaty-fatso (see the documentary he’s in–not even miss Piggy would sleep with him) thinks this story is actually real. See the evidence: What a fool!

  10. very_young_man_in_tights

    How dare you. Mr. Q——- is a highly respected opportunist with a finger in many a pie.

  11. The Real Quennello

    Before I latched on to the Amanda bandwagon I was just an overweight dilettante whose main accomplishment in life was getting frog marched off a commercial flight for making an unpleasant nuisance of myself. Now they know who I am in West Seattle and I get to pal around with Miss Piggy. Moi! Moi!. Life is good. Après Knox, que l’obscurité.

  12. Michaelsmth

    Great example of the methods of McCarthyism. Not a single name is mentioned. Just plant an idea without a shred of evidence. Pure garbage!

    Editor: I take extreme issue with your comment. Actually, we cut our garbage with a blend of sarcasm and irony. We find it goes further and makes for a more enjoyable smoke.

  13. Amanda McCartney

    I have found myself in a pit of despair…the Seattle Salmon has obliterated my identity, has made me realise that because my email address is in the UK that I am now British…& snooty to boot!! I’m a Scot & proud of it. How to deal with this realisation that my life is not what I wanted?? It won’t be torturing & brutally murdering my room mate, that’s for sure? Thought you Yanks were big on the self-help? All I can see is finger pointing & no introspection

    Editor: I stand corrected. The Scots should never be lumped in with England under any circumstance. Mostly because the Scots have never contributed anything significant throughout all of human history (other than the advancement of fetid meat delicacies).

    • Amanda McCartney

      I’m liking your humour but unfortunately penicillin, the television, the telephone, anaesthesia to name but a few are all down to the crazy ginger drunkards and refute our uselessness :D not to mention our numerous literary accomplishments…down to the present day. Harry Potter has made a single parent able to buy her food without checking thee prices :D if you’re talking football (soccer), aye, we’re gash :D

      Editor: The Seattle Salmon knows better than to get into a war of words with a Scotsman. The Scottish ability to waste their breath ineffectually is world renowned. As for your football, aye, you’re gash.

  14. kim

    After reading alot about the case and some words of Amanda Knox , I wouldn’t be surprised if Knox writes the next “If I did it” book years later.

  15. Sarah

    I believed Amanda when she said she had to cover her ears because Meredith was screaming. I also believed her when she said she took a shower with Raffaele and he cleaned her ears and dried and combed her hair. I always had the impression that she wasn’t the one who delivered the fatal blow – she just was present during the murder, and she wasn’t technically lying when she said she and Raffaele didn’t kill Meredith. Obviously, though, they were involved and guilty enough that they felt the need to clean up the crime scene, stage a break-in, take a shower, and make up lies after lies.

    It’s also possible that Amanda was in some sort of shock after the murder, and she didn’t technically lie because her memory has been blocked out as a defense mechanism. That doesn’t make her any less involved, however, and while she may not deserve 26 years in prison calling her an “innocent victim” is absurd.

    • Sanity

      There was no indication that Knox cleaned up the crime scene. That, in fact, was the lie. Mignini didn’t even present that at trial.

      Rudy Guede’s DNA was found all over the bedroom where the murder occured. Knox’s DNA was not found in the room. Did she clean up all of her DNA but not Guede’s? Absurd.

      If she cleaned up the “scene,” why did the bedroom appear not to be cleaned at all?

      Additionally, the window clearly indicates that the rock was thrown from the outside – there are fragments of the window frame that are broken on the outside. However, early leaks to the media (from investigators) indicated that the rock was thrown from the inside. They backed off this notion later, but the damage was done. The staged scene theory was not even presented at trial, simply because the facts did not support it. (The glass on top of the clothes/bed theory was also dis-proven when close up pics of the scene showed that to be untrue.)

      I have considered every fact, theory, and notion regarding this case – and it’s obvious that the evidence is nothing but a sham. Free the innocent.

    • WESTAL

      very well said

    • WESTAL

      Sarah is right on!

  16. Flying Sausage

    I have a massive stiffy.
    Thank you.

    • amanda

      Whaaaaat You cant Tar all us Brits with the same brush, just as we don’t tar all Americans with the same brush.As everyone knows each individual should be treated as a person not the country they come from…I feel for Amanda and Raffaele and hope the truth comes out both for the Knox family and the Kercher family……Please don’t be biased about us British folk we are not all the same, just like all Americans are not all like the people on the Jerry Springer show!

      Editor’s note: Oh really! You’re trying to tell me that the British people AREN’T all snaggletoothed drunken floozies with a voracious appetite for racy gossip and spicy curries? I’m sorry Mum, but I’ve been to Slough and I know the truth regarding the British people. You’re lucky anyone remembers your little island.

      • amanda

        Slough….ahhhhhh, that explains it………

      • Sanity

        Earth to Editor: you epitomize all that is wrong with our country and society.

        Why do you think Amanda Knox was found guilty? Because of the disdain directed at all Americans as a result of idiots such as yourself. She never had a chance thanks to you and your ignorant friends.

        Now everyone hates us and we can’t travel anywhere without getting a disgusting surprise in our food; Or worse, life in prison. Thanks dude.

        As a 31 year old American, let me apologize to Brits, Scots, and whoever you decide to direct your hate towards next. Some Americans actually have some sense – despite what our loudmouth countrymen may lead one to believe.

        I was also once a teenager and I thought my uneducated attacks on others was good for a laugh, but most of us grow up and realize that it’s nothing more than a mask for our own deficiencies. Let us know when you hit puberty. Maybe I’ll come back to this enormous failure then…

        Btw, nice attempt at comedy. Go back to being a social misfit and a blip on everyone’s radar. It suits you.

  17. name

    Are we supposed to laugh with this article? Really bad taste wannabe humor…

    Editor’s note: To which “we” are you referring? The sanctimonious public conscience “we” or the “we” that requires clothing with lots of buckles and fasteners with an eye towards padded furnishings? In either case, the answer is yes.

  18. Try Honesty

    Simplicity, grossly distorted and complicated. Insanity, passed off as logic.

    Editor’s note: Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the new Seattle Salmon motto…

  19. john doe

    wow this is truly sick…. and to think this editor gets paid to insult all races and nationalities. how sad…..

    as my dad used to say… you sir are a buffoon…

    Editor’s note: In this matter, we will most definitely defer to your Father’s opinion. ><{{{*>

  20. steve


    • Muriel

      I suggest people read Death in Perugia which is a definitive account of the
      Meredith Kercher case from her murder to the acquittal of the two people who spent time in prison. This book is a masterpiece of fairness and written by
      a well known journalist who has in the past worked for Reuters and has won many awards for his work. His name is John Follain and the book is published by Hodder. Stoughton Ltd also available as an ebook.
      It is totally unbiased and the author was able to interview almost all of the parties involved, shared the drama of the trials and appeal hearings.

  21. Kim

    I’m not sure about all this public writing generation, but I do know that Amanda Knox has not been proven guilty. It’s just terrible to think 4 years of a young women’s life has been wasted sitting in jail with no an tiny spot of proof. What is wrong with Italy’s judicial system. I think they have really have discriminated against that couple. Thank God we live in the USA. I pray with all my heart Amanda Knox is released. There is no proof they were even there when the crime was committed. And the sad part is if Italy wants to make a huge point to the media they could find her guilty again. It’s scary. Just boycott visiting Italy.

    • Ali

      Thank god we live in the USA? I wonder if Nicole Brown and her friend would still share that sentiment. Boycott Italy? What an arrogant and immature suggestion.

    • Poubelle

      At least she learned fluent Italian which she will probably never ever have the chance to use again since I’m sure she will never return to Italy.

  22. Shi

    Just keep her in Seattle.
    Other states should be notified if she plans to move.


  23. Shi

    Boycott Italy?
    Boycott Aruba?

    We never execute innocent people in the USA.
    Nobody ever is wrongly accused.
    And celebrity trumps all, no wonder the Amandites shoved her mug in our faces for 4 yrs online.

  24. jojob

    Thank goodness for Amanda Knox. She proves that the US legal system isn’t the only that can produce an OJ. As horrible as that may seem, it is better to have murderers roaming free than to have innocents locked away for crimes they didn’t commit. Hopefully next time she won’t be so lucky.

  25. anastasia

    The jurors in the Knox case are 6 lay jurors and two jurists, or professional lawyer/judges. As we know, an appellate court overturned their verdict. . But what we don’t know is that unlike our system of justice where jurors can sit like bumps on a log, reach a verdict, yea or nay. and go home, the Italian jurors are bound to write a report, and open their mind on how they arrived at their verdict. The report on the Knox case is published and can be found on the internet, well buried. It is a well-reasoned 379 page report that engenders nothing but admiration for their abilities. In learning of their system of justice, I, as a U.S. lawyer, cannot help but see that for all our bragging, it seems better than ours, for their protections are greater, for their responsibilities as jurors are greater. The report can be found on the website Upon reflecting upon their analysis and decision, it is clear that the overturning of the verdict served nothing more than political ends, as tensions were running high in a PR U.S. media fabricated “us” against “them” mentality. And in overturning the well-reasoned and justified verdict of these Italian jurors, their country is bound to suffer the collateral damage of undermining their legal system,undermining DNA technology (we will suffer that too), as well as underminining the government’s legitimacy in the eyes of the Italian people. The 1 million dollars spent by theKnox family was not for “legal counsel”, as they themselves admit. Most of the money was spent on PR, PR that reached the State Department and enabled the U.S. media to construct tensions between governments that reached the crecendo of tearing apart a verdict that should have remained wholly intact. Will justice ever be served in this case? Well, Knox’s family has Amanda back in their home, and that is itself some justice.

  26. Jonesaroo

    The Editor’s comments are by far the best part of this article. Though the comments left by those that take the article seriously are a close second. Long live people’s inability to detect sarcasm over the intrawebz.

    If Phoenix Jones wasn’t already my hero, you sir would be.

  27. john

    Shes innocent –
    but doesn`t your advertising agreement specify you will not solicit clicks? what you do-

  28. ellim

    i have been attacked fiercely by some people on vashon and other areas who desparate to protect certain others…..who would kill because not got every free ticket wanted,,,not to mention devious acts for greed,,own rep…not noble at all,,,,,,,who set up on tapes, had tortured,,,sent to abusive sit 19 years,, not know if my abusers connected to amanda supporters or ones who against her…..just know one who deserved lmore support and good than some all together….how they got ophrah british air others to help amanda when we needed………had trouble got with right ones??wish could,,as braindamages, victimized and needed help go about got with ones ??imp timing when ones to help us rescue protect children and us, daughter, from horrible movement people all colors………

    • Tom

      The overbearing ignorance of all the “See no evil” Americans just kills it here.

      Amanda reminds me of Casey Anthony who had nothing to do with it, but told an abundance of mistruths and blatent lies….

      There is a cell awaiting ms knoxy!

      • Jen

        I think Nancy gave a straight to the point assessment of this whole thing:

        Grace commented on the Amanda Knox case: “I was very disturbed, because I think it is a huge miscarriage of justice. I believe that while Amanda Knox did not wield the knife herself, I think that she was there, with her boyfriend, and that he did the deed, and that she egged him on. That’s what I think happened…..I just happen to know the facts…I’m not trying to get Amanda Knox’s first interview because… my show does not pay for interviews…Second, I don’t think she’s going to tell the truth anyway, so what’s the point?”

        Karma sucks, Amanda!

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