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April Fools-On this Somberest of Days, It is Time to Atone, Not Laugh

Gone fishing sign

Every idiot with an Apple II, a blog, and a dial up connection are attempting to write satire today. First, we at the Salmon know how hard this work is; Lord knows we screw it up often enough.  So can all of you hacks please go back to messing up real news and leave failing [...]

Editorial: Viaduct Replacment Option? SEATTLE-PULT!

A detailed engineering schematic of the Seattle-pult in operation.

Flying cars can save Seattle’s transportation crisis The myriad of replacement options for the Highway 99 Viaduct are controversial and expensive. Seeking to promote fiscal responsibility and celebrate the low-occupancy vehicle, The Seattle Salmon Editorial Board is proposing a daring new option to move traffic through and around the Waterfront: the Seattle-pult. As the name [...]

The Seattle Times is Stealing Salmon Stories!

The Seattle Salmon

Article on Maria Goodloe-Johnson’s final days a cut and paste job! The Seattle Salmon has a history of breaking stories in this town.  We covered the Nisqually Earthquake weeks before it happened, we wrote headlines of the Seahawks 2006 Super Bowl Victory days before the game, but we are most proud of being ankle deep [...]

Salmon Editorial Board Supports City Council President’s Support of Salmon Editorial Board

Richard Conlin embracing a wild Washington Salmon.

Richard Conlin says, more or less,  “Kids Must Have Their Salmon” After multiple attacks from elected officials on the Seattle Salmon, it is heartening to have an elected official not only support us, but want to have us shape the youth of the future. When Governor Gregoire called us “imbeciles that prove the internet has [...]

No Jiggles, The Seattle Salmon Needs Your Support

Jiggles ad in the stranger that was paid for with our lap dances.

Shock, dismay, and even hurt are the only words that convey the mood of the 200 odd staff at The Seattle Salmon.  After spending their children’s college funds,  sub prime home loans, and panhandling receipts at the finest strip club on the West Coast, Jiggles, this is our thanks.  In their moment of need, Jiggles [...]

Support Ferry District Plan AND Save the Lusty Lady…at the same time!

Lusty Lady to reopen on a Seattle ferry.

At the outset of the legislative session, Governor Gregoire proposed a regional ferry district to pay for Washington’s world famous fleet.  Currently, the fleet is funded by the statewide gas tax and a target of Eastern Washington Republicans seeing no gain for their constituents’ contributions to the system. Our ferries may cease to exist soon [...]

Strip Club Closure Near UW Kills Computer Science Department Recruiting

Potential UW computer science students take in the sites in the U-district.

“Jiggles” was centerpiece of campus visits to attract prospective students U District – On Friday, the City of Seattle sued to close the University District strip club, “Jiggles,” for code violations. This came as a crushing blow to the UW Computer Science Department, who had made visits to the club the centerpiece of their recruiting [...]

After AZ Shootings, Olympia Democrats Should Double Down on Wait-and-See Gun Safety Strategy

Bear feasting on spawning salmon.

In the wake of the horrific shootings in Arizona, where one of their own lay among the 14 wounded and six dead, The Seattle Salmon Editorial Board continue to hear a deafening silence from the Washington’s Democratic leaders on the issue of gun violence. We applaud this re-commitment to their long established “Wait-and-See” policy on [...]

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