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Farmville’s Disastrous Summer

Steinbeck does Farmville

Viral drought and pestilence create a “Grapes of Wrath” level farming apocalypse Farmville- It has been a long, hot summer for Farmer Pamela Williams.  Wave after wave of crop crushing scourges have swept across her little farm and she is on the verge of financial and emotional ruin.  “I know this is just an online farm….but I [...]

BOTW: Brain Sharks Ambiguous Squid Loyalty Threatens Future

brain shark equation

[Editor's Note: Sorry for the late BOTW post, but I just received Conor's final blog entry. I went over to Conor Logan's house to get my credit card back and his girlfriend (wife?), Kendra, said he hadn't been home in days. I was about to leave when she handed me an envelope with the message [...]

[BOTW] Ritalin: How a Missed Dose Can

Digital nomad until SHA approves and processes his application.

As someone with adult ADHD it’s important for me to keep track of what exactly it is that I’m doing to make sure I’ve got some sort of handle on the types of symptoms most often associated with this type of disorder through the judicious application of some form of medication. I told her, but she didn’t remember either.

Futurism at Odds with the Tunnel Vision of Human Resources

The book that codified my emotional reality.

I’m an unrepentant futurist, and one of my long-standing predictions is that what is commonly thought of as “cybersex” now will be thought of as little more than harmless flirting in the years to come.

BOTW: Ultranominalism: Burn Your Home to Embrace the Future

New Minimalist Houses

The concept of a “neo-minimalist” is someone who has few possessions. I embrace the superior concept of ultranominalism. I literally own nothing.

Introducing Conor Logan, the Next Blogger of the Week

Digital nomad until SHA approves and processes his application.

I first noticed the “Blogger of the Week” next to my name on Monday. I assumed it was a reference to the fact that I usually don’t turn a column in on Saturday or Sunday. I was wrong.

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