We Have the Lost iPhone 5!!!

We eagerly await the arrival of Apple's jackbooted thugs...

Cupertino/Seattle-Apple’s control freak ways have failed to stop their secondpre-release iPhone from falling into the media’s hands.

The last time they lost the unreleased iPhone 4, Gizmodo.com rewarded them with a full breakdown of the phone.   Well Apple ALSO just lost an unreleased iPhone 5!  It gets better, instead of Gizmodo getting it….THE SEATTLE SALMON HAS IT!!

The Seattle Salmon main workstation.

We at the Salmon are still working on Commodore 64′s and have no clue how to take one of these apart like Gizmodo’s virginal nerds.  However, our 13 year old nieces, after a $20 bribe, will tell us all the new features.  The iPhone 5 seems, judging from above, to be basically the same as the iPhone 4, but with some features to make Apple fanboys even more annoying. So of course they will sell 10 million in the first week.

Take a look while we barricade our door to slow down Apple’s jackbooted thugs as they lay siege to our office.

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